Korg Volca Mix

Korg Volca Mix

Analog Mixer with 2 Mono Inputs, 1 Stereo Input, Effects Send/Return, Volca Sync, and Built-in Speakers


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The Mixer You Always Wanted for Your Volca Modules

Fans of Korg’s Volca modules have been asking for a Volca mixer for years, and the Korg Volca Mix packs as much innovation as the modules do. It powers up to three Volcas, has an external effects send, and offers impressive performance features. Each of the three channels (two mono and one stereo) offer a low-/high-cut filter, send control, a mute button, and a channel fader. And with the ability to sync to your other Volca modules to control tempo, the Korg Volca Mix offers a ton of creative performance potential..

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