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Have you ever wanted to learn about different topics and not be limited to a full syllabus of a specific course? Have you ever wanted to learn about a hardware you just bought? Do you have a list of questions that you seek answers to? Have you finished a course and want to enhance your skills even further? Well, we have developed this private customized course in which you can choose different topics from our course catalog and combine them in a custom designed syllabus.

This course is part of our online school course catalog and can be given in private via Zoom. To learn more about the course fee, schedule, and other details, please scroll down to the “Top 10 Questions”, and for general information about our online school please visit our online school page →

350 $
// WAS 395 $ //
40 $


The courses are priced in USD for international students.

If you are a local student, you can pay in LBP based on the daily rates. Please note that we have already discounted our original course prices by more than 30% due to the economic situation that we are all facing

As for the payment methods, we accept cash and international transfers only.

Yes, we have launched our online school to give you the most flexible, customized, cozy, and specific online education. This course can be given online following the same price table. Enroll here and choose your course preference. For more information about our online school and how it operates, please visit our Online School page here →

This course is great for people who would like to learn about different topics in the DJ or Music Production domains, and not be limited within a syllabus of a specific course. The private customized course can be a bundle of 6 hours that can be renewed if needed, or can be a one hour private session.

This course is interesting for people who:

  • Want to combine different topics from different courses in one syllabus of their choice
  • Finished a course but want to engage in one-on-one advanced sessions with their tutor
  • Want to gift a crash course
  • Do not live in Lebanon or find it difficult to attend and would like to study online
  • Are below 15 years old and want to learn about DJ’ing
  • Would like to take an evaluation session
  • Want to showcase their project and receive professional feedback
  • Would like professional assistance with their projects (production, mixing, mastering, preparing a dj playlist, etc)
  • Want to learn about Music Business and Artist Management
  • Missed classes and want to make up
  • Bought a hardware and want to learn about it
  • Want to learn about routing, connecting and syncing hardware and software
  • Want assistance in installing software, plugins, mapping files, etc..
  • Want to know how to record their instruments into Ableton and make use of hardware and software tools
  • Cannot commit to a class schedule and want to learn as much as possible in a limited period of time
  • Have a list of questions and want them answered

Since this course is given in private, the schedule is flexible and can be discussed closely with the tutor upon registration.

This course is given in private. You can start within 2 weeks after confirming your registration by submitting the net full payment of the course. You can do that on location or electronically (online payment, bank swift, card, OMT, etc..)

One of the good advantages of this course is that there is no deadline to when you should finish your sessions. You can book anytime you want and as much as you want without having to be limited to a timeline.

This is a customized 6 hours bundle in which you cover as much topics as possible. If you need more sessions then you can either double the bundle or take extra private sessions. The good thing about this course is that it covers the topics that you and only you decide on, and there is no deadline to when it should be completed. You can start with a bundle and pause until you decide to take more bundles or sessions.

This course is given by G-Mohris however you can choose to take it with any other tutor if they are available. In the case of private one-on-one session, other tutors have a minimum booking of 2 sessions per visit. Please note that once registered with a tutor you cannot switch or continue with another tutor before ending the bundle.

We can give this course at your place however this should be discussed in private with the tutor to make sure that he is available and to negotiate your offer. You can contact us by email

The minimum age to take this course is 8. However depending on the topics chosen, the minimum age can vary accordingly

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