As part of our DJ & Music Production school, we have launched a project called “A Day With” which is a series of educational masterclasses in collaboration with local and international artists, clubs, venues, and institutions, where we host a mastermind in the business to talk about specific topics related to electronic music production, mixing, mastering, dj’ing, touring, engineering, and so on.. The first “A Day With” event took place at Per-vurt Studio, with one of the top mastering engineers in today’s global electronic music scene: Robert Babicz, followed by another one with today’s most spotted live techno artists and mixing engineers Hannes Bieger.



Increasing awareness about electronic music production, dj, live performance, sound design, and music technology, through a series of continuous workshops has been our aim since the day we became official and exclusive representative for the world’s top brands such as Ableton Live and Native Instruments. From launching Ableton Push II and Komplete Kontrol workshops at our studios, to hosting the very first official Ableton workshop in collaboration with The Grand Factory’s BBX event, we have taken the electronic music education to another level, growing a family of passionate seekers, and building a solid community that contributes in founding a brighter future

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