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Since the industry has shifted from traditional beatmatching to an ensemble of MIDI controllers and synced devices, the art of mixing by ear seems to be a thing of the past and that’s not OK. If you want to stand out from the rest, then stepping away from the technology and digging through the crates of your local record shop will give you a chance to clear your mind and focus on pieces of music that really speak to you. After you finish this course you will be able to know the difference between different types of turntables and they operate, what are the components of a player from needles to tonearms and platters, how to adjust the weight, height, and calibrate anti-skating, as well as how to verify the pitch.. You will also know how to handle a vinyl record, back-cueing, scratching, beatmatching techniques, EQ Mixing, and many more

  • Introduction To Vinyl
  • Routing and Phono Signal
  • Types of Turntables
  • Types of Needles
  • Weight and Height Adjustment
  • Anti-Skating Calibration
  • Pitch Verification
  • Vinyl Record Handling
  • Back-Cueing and Scratching
  • Beatmatching: Forward and Backward
  • Mixing and EQ’ing
  • Advanced Mixing Techniques
  • Harmonic Mixing
  • Mixer Beat FX
  • Mixer Color FX

650 $
65 $


This course is open to people who have an idea about DJ’ing using CD Players, and are able to beatmatch. If you have no idea whatsoever about DJ’ing then we recommend that you start with the Essential DJ Course first, and then apply for this course whether taking the full bundle of just private sessions to learn the new technique of vinyl dj’ing

This course is given in private. To book a session or full private course you need to apply and confirm your application by submitting a down-payment of 150$ (Non-refundable and will be deducted from the course fee). Once done, we will ensure that you start the course within a maximum period of 2 weeks. The schedule is flexible and can be discussed closely with the tutor after submitting and confirming an application.

DJ Courses are short and can be competed within an average of four weeks. The payment is split into a down-payment of 150$ upon registration, half of the remaining upon start, and the other half towards the middle of the course.

We are specialized in Electronic Music however we do not teach you what to mix, we teach you how to do so. When you learn the art, technique, and science of DJ’ing, you will be able to mix any style of choice, whether it is Pop, Dance, R&B, Techno, House, or even Dubstep, Chillout, Psychedelic and D&B..

Applying to this course grants you 2 vouchers:

Our friends in the business run many record stores in town and we will guide you on how and where to buy your records as soon as you start the course, to ensure you go to the right place and find the right music for you. As a start, you don’t have to worry about buying records, our school and tutor already have some good vinyls to practice on.

Our DJ School is fully equipped with the latest DJ gear. It is not a must to have your own gear however, because it is very important to practice. we recommend that you buy a basic DJ setup to practice at home. If you cannot afford a setup at the moment, we recommend that you get the DJ Room Rental Bundle for which you receive a 33% discount

We sequentially host events and give the chance to our top students to perform live and experience the stage. “Per-vurt Sessions” is another platform we provide to our students to be noticed on social media and push their career forward.

Although we do not believe in major benefits behind receiving a certificate in DJ’ing or in Music Production, and because those two domains are not considered to be academic, we do grant certificates to the students taking the “Master Programs“. Students taking Essential or Private Courses are granted a letter of completion.

It is true that hanging a certificate on the wall looks nice, but what really makes you qualified is your mixing skills and the ability to control the dancefloor

Knowledge, Talent, Skill, Practice, Passion and Patience are the main ingredients of success. At Per-vurt, not only we make sure that you get the most professional tutoring, but we make sure that we will be proud being represented by you in the dance music industry. For that, we have decided to not graduate the student without making sure that he/she is able to DJ. Any student who is still not able to perform in a way that goes on par with our standards, will take more sessions for free until we make sure that every penny spent was worth spending. Knowledge alone is not enough though, practicing what you learn about is key.

This is an intermediate level course that allows you to DJ at any event. Should you want to pursue learning advanced skills and techniques, and discover deeper aspects about DJ’ing, you can enroll in the private advanced post dj course afterwards or simply tale the Master DJ Certificate from now, once for all.

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