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“Sound Design and Synthesis” is one of the most interesting courses at our school for it covers the full creation of sound from the early stages of oscillation to the last stages of modulation. In this course you will be learning the foundation of synthesis using more than 5 techniques covering the basic building blocks of a synthesizer, whether it is a digital plugin, or an analog synthesizer, or even a modular one. Check this blog post to learn more

This course is part of our online school course catalog and can be given in private via Zoom. To learn more about the course fee, schedule, and other details, please scroll down to the “Top 10 Questions”, and for general information about our online school please visit our online school page →

  • Physics of Sound
  • Analog Vs Digital Synth
  • Poly Vs Monophonic
  • Types of Synthesis
  • Synthesizer Building Blocks
  • VCO: Wave Oscillation
  • VCF: Filter
  • VCA: and Signal
  • LFO & Modulation
  • ADSR Envelopes
  • Subtractive Synthesis
  • Additive Synthesis
  • Wavetable Synthesis
  • Sample Modeling
  • FM Synthesis
  • Self Oscillating Effects
  • Advanced Routing
  • Modular Synthesis
  • Analog Synth Demo
  • … and more

350 $
// WAS 395 $ //
350 $
// WAS 395 $ //


The courses are priced in USD for international students.

If you are a local student, you can pay in LBP based on the daily rates. Please note that we have already discounted our original course prices by more than 30% due to the economic situation that we are all facing

As for the payment methods, we accept cash and international transfers only.

The payment could be split into two halves: 50% of the amount should be paid upon registration and 50% should be paid half way through the course timeline.

The first module covers the essential foundation of Sound Design and Synthesis covering the topics that are mentioned in the syllabus. This module covers the science and techniques of Synthesis as well as how to apply them using software plugins.

The second module covers deeper and wider aspects about Sound Design & Synthesis as well as it focuses on a more hands-on approach. Other advanced techniques of Synthesis are covered in this module as well as how to use analog and modular synthesizers.

Yes, we have launched our online school to give you the most flexible, customized, cozy, and specific online education. This course can be given online following the same price table. Enroll here and choose your course preference. For more information about our online school and how it operates, please visit our Online School page here →

This course is only given in private, and in this case, the schedule is more flexible and can happen within 3 weeks after confirming your registration. To confirm your registration a payment must be submitted

Knowledge, Talent, Skill, Practice, Passion and Patience are the main ingredients of success. At Per-vurt, not only we make sure that you get the most professional tutoring, but we make sure that we will be proud being represented by you in the dance music industry. For that, we have decided to not graduate the student without making sure that he/she is able to understand and apply synthesis.

Any student who is still not able to do so in a way that goes on par with our standards, will take more sessions for free until we make sure that every penny spent was worth spending. Knowledge and practice are not enough though, it is essential to practice what you are learning.

Sound Design and Synthesis is an open ended filed and you can keep learning about it as much as you want. You can always book customized modules to discover more about this field.

With the course you will get a 375$ payout coupon to buy the full version of Ableton Live Suite, and you will also receive a 50% discount voucher to buy Arturia V Collection Plugin Pack (worth 500$)

Upon completion of this course you will receive a letter of completion. Certificates are only granted to students who take the master certificate programs.

Basically sound design and synthesis can be worked on without any hardware controller, however it would be easier to control your DAW via a MIDI Controller that helps you record your automation in a much more accurate and intuitive way. The most important investment at this point is a collection of plugins such as Arturia V Collection (which you receive it at 50% discount from us). Next comes a good headphones so you be able to hear properly what you are designing

Sure. This course covers the science and techniques of using a synthesizer and oscillate/modulate/tweak waveforms, and it also covers designing sounds using different methods such as field and folly art recording, sample modeling, and using self oscillating effect processors. After this course you can design sound for any purpose

Yes of course. Per-vurt Studio inhabits a wide collection of analog, modular, and digital synthesizers which you can learn how to use during the second module

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” I took the sound design and synthesis course with the amazing G-Mohris during my visit to Lebanon in search for musicians to record my album with middle eastern sounds. This course helped me a lot deign my own atmospheric dreamy pads and gave me a lot of insights on how synthesizers operate. I enjoyed this one a lot. G-Mohris knowledge is extensive i never seen someone who gives from the heart more than he does “

” In only 6 hours i learned how to use a plugin and modify sounds, i can now understand the different components of a synthesizer from oscillators to envelopes and LFOs. G-Mohris made this complicated topic very easy to understand. I can’t wait to register in more courses at this magnificent school “