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Whether you want to become a professional DJ or you want to learn how to mix for fun, this course is your stepping stone into the world of mixing music. Our Back2Basics course is designed to guarantee our students will learn and acquire precisely what is required to launch a career in mixing electronic music at a pace they will be satisfied with. Covering more than 20 topics in two private modules, this course is hosted and tutored by an industry professional, Jason Kaakoush, who has been an active DJ for the past 10+ years as well as hosting his own radio show Truth Or Dare, on radio stations like MixFM and Energy Groove Radio.

Students will experience an impactful course of mixing basics and professional skills with a hands-on experience, and will be introduced to an in-depth look at the nightlife industry, understanding hardware/software technology, electronic music structure, keys, Rekordbox, performance environments, building a brand and finally advanced harmonic mixing.

  • Introduction To DJ’ing
  • Gear Overview and Set-Up
  • Software and Tools
  • Electronic Music Structure
  • Genres and Styles
  • Understanding Gear
  • Rekordbox: Playlists
  • Counting Measures
  • Beatmatching
  • Harmonic Mixing
  • Energy Levels
  • Dancefloor Control
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Effects & Filters
  • Advanced Key Matching
  • … and more

395 $
// WAS 795 $ //
235 $
// WAS 475 $ //


If you are a local student, you can pay in Lebanese Pounds following our fair rates that are updated on a weekly basis. We surely do not fully charge you based on the secondary market or black market rate, we choose to be as fair as it should be.

As for the payment methods, we accept cash, checks (equivalent to rate), cards, local and international transfers, online payments, and bank swifts (bank charges apply on all electronic payments)

The Back2basics course is relatively short and can be completed within an average of 3 weeks, therefore, the full course fee should be paid in advance.

The Back2basics course covers 2 private modules

The first module covers the basics of club DJ’ing going through understanding gear, setup, DJ concepts, playlist management, beat-matching and essential mixing techniques.

The second module covers a deeper understanding about electronic music structure, keys, advanced harmonic mixing, as well as enhancing the mixing techniques, controlling the energy on the dancefloor, and building a brand to launch a career in DJ’ing.

Taking the first module will ensure that you get to an intermediate level if more practicing is frequently done on the side (you can book our DJ Room and benefit from a student discount). However, taking both modules will cover the advanced techniques and will ensure you be ready to perform in clubs

If you already have an experience in DJ’ing but you feel that you lack more advanced skills, you can apply for one module. Jason will tackle the topics that fill the gaps and would craft a course to match your needs.

On Average, we launch a Back2basics private course every few weeks. To book your course, you need to apply for it and submit a payment (Non-refundable and will be deducted from the course fee).

Once done, we will ensure that you start the course as soon as possible. In the application form, you mention your free schedule and Jason will coordinate with you about a schedule that fits your timing. Usually the DJ Classes happen twice a week covering around two hours each visit.

We are specialized in Electronic Music however we do not teach you what to mix, we teach you how to do so. When you learn the art, technique, and science of DJ’ing, you will be able to mix any style of choice, whether it is Pop, Dance, R&B, Techno, House, or even Dubstep, Chillout, Psychedelic and D&B..

Applying to this course grants you 4 vouchers:

Our DJ School is fully equipped with the latest DJ gear. It is not a must to have your own gear however, because it is very important to practice. we recommend that you buy a basic DJ setup to practice at home. If you cannot afford a setup at the moment, we recommend that you get the DJ Room Rental Bundle for which you receive a 33% discount. Learn more here →

We sequentially host events and give the chance to our top students to perform live and experience the stage. “Per-vurt Sessions” is another platform we provide to our students to be noticed on social media and push their career forward.

Although we do not believe in major benefits behind receiving a certificate in DJ’ing or in Music Production, and because those two domains are not considered to be academic, we do grant certificates to the students taking the “Master Programs”. Students taking Essential or Private Courses are granted a letter of completion.

It is true that hanging a certificate on the wall looks nice, but what really makes you qualified is your mixing skills and the ability to control the dancefloor

When it comes to DJ’ing, the minimum age for admission depends on which course you want to take. The “Essential CDJ” Courses, “Vinyl DJ” Courses, and “Live Performance” Courses are open to students of 15 years old and above. If you are below 15 years old, you can enroll in the “Digital DJ” or the “DJ4Kids” or the “Private” courses.

Can’t find your answers here? No problem! You can contact us by phone or email. Visit our contact page



” I chose to take the Back2basics course at Per-vurt with one of my favorite DJ’s Jason Kaakoush. This course made me realize that music is about story telling, I enjoyed every minute, the studio is fully equipped with everything that can help a student become better at DJ’ing. The course was rich with hints and different ways of beat matching, harmonic mixing ..”


” It was a pleasure learning with Jason Kaakoush. who is a great mentor and very experienced and talented in what he does. “Thank you” for everything that he taught me and i would recommend Jason to anyone whose willing to learn and start with a professional tutor”


” When I first heard that Jason Kaakoush is giving the Back2basics course at Per-vurt , I was so excited that I will be trained and couched by one of my favorite DJs whom I danced for his beats in Syria. It was an amazing time there exploring a passion of mine with a well knowledgeable artist like Jason who was giving me all what I needed to learn. I was also amazed by watching the electronic music scene through Per-vurt “


” I took the back2basics course in 2019, the course was very comprehensive and well structured. The instructor Jason is very open and honest. He provided a lot of his experiences and feedback which gave the course a very nice edge. After I finished the course I was able to practice at Per-vurt and developed my skills even more. It was a great first step to get me started in the music industry and Jason was always available even outside the classroom to help out with any questions. “


” When I signed up for the Back2Basics course, I knew nothing about DJ’ing. I was just passionate about music and wanted someone professional to guide me. One year later, I am sure that I made the right choice. Jason explains everything in great detail while being a super chill person. He does not only teach you about how to use the equipment; his course also covers useful knowledge about music theory. BIG BIG Thanks! “