Our fully equipped DJ Room offers the acoustically treated and isolated space needed for DJs to practice on the latest technologies, in a loud and cozy environment without any interruption, and to record their promo mixes. This is where we also host and video-cast local and international DJ performances as part of our mission to increase awareness about electronic music as well as offering a platform for our students to be noticed on the worldwide web.

  • 2x Pioneer XDJ 1000 MKII Multiplayers
  • Pioneer DJM850 DJ Mixer
  • Pioneer PLX500 Vinyl Players
  • Ableton Push 2
  • Novation Launch Control
  • Komplete Audio 6 Soundcard
  • Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8
  • Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1
  • Akai APC Mini
  • Club Sound System

25 $
120 $


Our video recording services are priced based on many criteria and depending on what the client is aiming for.. whether an optimized video for mobile broadcasting, or a full HD video for YouTube, and whether the video is shot by a single GoPro, or by multiple professional DSLR cameras. The services range between 100$ and 250$ and can go higher based on special customization


  • DJ Room Rental (Acoustic space, professional decks and club sound system)
  • High resolution audio recording and mastering (Including dynamic control and enhancement)
  • Professional cinematography-style light setup (Direct, indirect, and diffused key light)
  • HD video recording (Single GoPro, double GoPro, moving DSLR, or combination of choice)
  • Audio and Video Syncing (Up to 3 cameras)
  • Video Editing (Including color grading and correction, transitions, fades, etc)
  • Logo and typography inserts (Intro & outro)
  • 1 minute special edit for Instagram and IGTV (Including logo and typo inserts)
  • Feature on Per-vurt Sessions including HD uploads on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, IGTV … (**Conditions applied**)
  • Feature on SoundCloud (**Conditions Applied**)
  • Live visuals and 3D virtual space design by John Dave (**Additional cost applies**)


To book your session or bundle please contact 03733156 or email us HERE. It is better to book the DJ room few days before your plan to visit so to ensure the availability of the room at your desired time. In case you book a 6H Bundle, there is a deadline of 2 months to finish your sessions. The maximum number of hours you can take at a time is 3 hours per day depending on the room availability.

The 6H Bundle includes 1 hour of audio recording, usually this happens at the last hour of your bundle. You can record your performance using our high definition soundcard. We will render your mix and master it, and give you both WAVE and MP3 tracks. This is an advantage for you to hear your mix and check for any mistakes, or post your mix on social media, or even present it as a demo

The free recording service is only granted to people who book the 6H bundle. However, if you have your own digital recorder, you can record your mix for free, we can provide you with the necessary cables to connect your recorder. If you would like to record your mix using our own system, an additional 5$ will be added. In case you have booked a 2H session, only 5$ will cover the cost of recording 2 hours.

If you are (or was) a student at Per-vurt, you get a 20% discount on both single sessions and 6H bundle.

You can use your laptop to connect the Pioneer decks to Rekordbox or Traktor or any software that accepts MIDI from our gear. However, you need to have the drivers installed on your computer so that it reads our multiplayers. Please make sure you come prepared for this setup so to avoid losing time setting up during your session.

No. The purpose of this service is to practice on your own and/or record your mix. Should you need a tutor to monitor you during your visit, then you should book a Private Tutoring Session

It is very important to have your own USB Stick with music on it preferably analyzed by Rekordbox. You should also have your own headphones (with 1/4′ adapter).

Yes, you can bring your own gear as long as they can fit. We do have space to cover a hybrid set, however any installation required has to be done by you during the session

The DJ Room Rental gives you access to the DJ Deck only. The music production studio area is not included. Should you need to use one of the music production stations, please communicate with us accordingly

In a nutshell, the video recording services are many, and they vary according to the client’s preferences whether he/she would like to setup a single GoPro or have a more professional and sophisticated multi-cam show. Our video recording services (including editing) range from 100$ to 250$. Please discuss this with us so we can give you a quotation.

Can’t find your answers here? No problem! You can contact us by phone or email. Visit our contact page