Per-vurt DJ & Music Production School is the official representative for Ableton Live and Native Instruments, two of the world’s top brands in the dj and digital audio production technology. With well developed and perfectly designed courses, students get to learn what they love using today’s modern technologies.

The DJ School area located in the center of the room, with 2 CDJs, 2 vinyl players, digital dj controllers, all connected to a table mixer. A club sound system, with 12” loud speakers and a 400w subwoofer, give the students a great learning experience in an isolated, cozy, and acoustically well treated room.

We have designed the Music Production School in a special way to give our students all the attention they need and feel comfortable and connected. With a limit of only 4 seats, we frequently run classes that launch today’s local rising talents. Each student occupies his own fully fledged station that accommodates the latest in technology, from MIDI controllers to launchpads and keyboards, along with a powerful computer carrying a massive collection of plugins and libraries.

All 4 stations are interconnected, synced, and routed to the tutor’s central mixer, computer, and video projector, so each computer can be monitored and remotely controlled by the teacher who assists and guides the students with their course tasks. 



Since 2006, Per-vurt studio has been passing through a series of renovations that upgraded the gear arsenal, redeveloped the space, and improved the overall experience. With the latest revamp in 2017, a complete makeover got the attention of the world’s top icons in the electronic dance music industry, from pages like Beatport, FACTmag, BPMSupreme, ProducerHeaven. ProducerLifeStyle, ProducerCity, MusicTech, (etc) sharing the photos of Per-vurt Studio on their social media, to international artists such as Bedouin, Coyu, Marco Bailey, Mathame, Hidden Empire, Satori, Jackmaster, Robert Babicz, Danny Howells, King Unique, Monkey Safari, Doctor Dru, SuperFlu (etc) eagerly visiting the studio and spending quality time producing, mixing, jamming, and getting interviewed..

The acoustically treated room is said to be the top electronic music production studio in Lebanon, by the local legends, with whom Per-vurt has been keeping a very respectful and solid relationship, and whose frequent visits always add a touch of magic. With more than 80 items, the “Island” of modern and vintage semi-modular analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, MIDI controllers, sequencers, converters, effect processors, patch bays, mixers, and bass machines, reigned itself second to none in the Lebanese electronic dance music scene.

The smartly designed interior gives the man in control a 360 degree outstretch to almost every gear surrounding him, all connected and synced, ready to perform magic in a click of a button. This is where we do mixing and digital mastering services as well as jamming, recording performances, interviews, and live dj sessions. 



Our fully equipped DJ Room offers the acoustically treated and isolated space needed for DJs to practice on the latest technologies, in a loud and cozy environment without any interruption, and to record their promo mixes. This is where we also host and video-cast local and international DJ performances as part of our original mission to increase awareness about electronic music as well as offering a platform for our students to be noticed on the worldwide web, a leading initiative and a pioneering concept we set in motion. 



Per-vurt Studio has been the hot spot destination for local and international djs and producers who find utmost joy in being among synthesizers and modern gear. Per-vurt has been hosting studio sessions, masterclasses, and interviews with worldwide music producers and performers, welcoming artists from around the globe, and offering them studio space.



Per-vurt has been in close contact with the world’s top djs and producers as well as the local legends, with whom many projects were executed and contributed in the growth of the global electronic music industry, from releases on the labels that shook dancefloors, to workshops and masterclasses that educated and nurtured.