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Mixing covers distributing the track layers onto a virtual 3D phantom image, by tweaking signal levels, frequency ranges, dynamics, and panoramic positions of the project content. Mastering on the other hand is working with the stereo mixdown that has been rendered. It covers quality control, enhancement, objective listening and correction. Not only a poorly mixed project will sound dull and imbalanced, but will sound even worse in mastering. An excellent mix is a pre-requisite for a good final master. Check out this blog post for more about mixing and mastering 

This course is part of our online school course catalog and can be given in private via Zoom. To learn more about the course fee, schedule, and other details, please scroll down to the “Top 10 Questions”, and for general information about our online school please visit our online school page →

  • What is Mixing?
  • What is Mastering?
  • Physics of Sound
  • Room Acoustics
  • Monitor Calibration
  • The Art of Mixing
  • Gain Staging
  • Leveling & Metering
  • Sample Editing
  • Dynamic Processing
  • EQ and Filter
  • Audio Compression
  • 3D Mixing
  • Recording Considerations
  • Grouping in BUS
  • Mono Vs Stereo Mix
  • Headroom Management
  • The Final Master
  • Exporting and Dithering
  • Mixing Considerations

495 $
375 $


Yes, we have launched our online school to give you the most flexible, customized, cozy, and specific online education. This course can be given online following the same price table. Enroll here and choose your course preference. For more information about our online school and how it operates, please visit our Online School page here →

The basic course covers the essential syllabus and goes through most of the essential topics about mixing and mastering. However, the crash course covers the foundation only. In other words, the crash course is an introductory course about mixing and mastering but could also be given to the students who already know the essentials and want to cover advanced topics on the contrary. Please note that both the basic and the crash courses are given in private

Check out this blog post to learn more about the difference between Mixing and Mastering

This course is only given in private, and in this case, the schedule is more flexible and can happen within 2 weeks after confirming your registration. In order to confirm a registration you should submit a 150$ down-payment.

The mixing and mastering course is 70% theoretical and 30% technical. Applying the science of mixing and mastering is similar when using any DAW. at Per-vurt, We use Ableton Live Suite for application (which you receive a 50% discount voucher worth 375$)

Knowledge, Talent, Skill, Practice, Passion and Patience are the main ingredients of success. At Per-vurt, not only we make sure that you get the most professional tutoring, but we make sure that we will be proud being represented by you in the dance music industry. For that, we have decided to not graduate the student without making sure that he/she is able to mix and master. Any student who is still not able to do so in a way that goes on par with our standards, will take more sessions for free until we make sure that every penny spent was worth spending.

Knowledge and practice are not enough though, it is essential to practice mixing and mastering in an well treated acoustic environment.

Yes we can apply mixing and mastering on your own track, however we can only do that when we reach the technical session towards the end of the course.

Upon completion of this course you will receive a letter of completion. Certificates are only granted to students who take the master certificate programs.

Basically mixing and mastering can be worked on without any hardware controller, however it would be easier to control your DAW via a MIDI Controller such as a motorized mixer. the most important gear to have is a good soundcard, a pair of flat studio monitors, and acoustic panels to treat the room acoustics. You can check our store for all the products that you need

We are specialized in Electronic Music however when learning mixing and mastering you will be able to apply the techniques on any style.

With the course you will get a 375$ payout coupon to buy the full version of Ableton Live Suite, and you will also receive a 50% discount voucher on mastering your first track.

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” After i finished my music production introduction course there was always something missing in the output of my music until i figured out that it is about dealing with frequency engineering and dynamic mixing. I took this course after i hired G-Mohris to mix my track and after i saw that this is a magical process i decided to enroll. Huge benefit guaranteed

” The course i took at Per-vurt provided a lot of interesting insights regarding mixing and mastering. I was given many tips and tricks to work faster on the DAW and maximize my potential on it. A lot of information related to the way tools like dynamic and side chaining work on Ableton were perfectly explained and the process of reaching the master mix on this app finally made sense

” My remixes and original productions always missed the quality master result, i have always tried to make my tracks sound good and play with mastering plugins but after i took this course i figured out that all i was doing was wrong and it is all about mixing. This course by the one and only G-Mohris taught me things i have never though existed. Worth every penny

” G-Mohris is an amazing tutor, he explained to me everything related to Mixing and Mastering in great detail. He went through everything slowly and was happy to repeat sections to make sure I had grasped all the tools. I would recommend coming here to anyone looking to learn more about mixing and mastering “

” It is my favorite place as it is for other musicians, DJs and producers. I’ve known this place since forever, it is where i learnt more about music and took it further with my latest mixing class using Ableton live, it really took my production to the next level and changed the sound of it. G-Mohris always got you covered . “

” The mixing/mastering classes at Per-vurt were a good fruitful experience. Having a friendly passionate tutor like G-Mohris helped me better understand the depth of it in a short period of time considering the upgraded studio with its equipment and acoustics “