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The DJ Essential Course provides an enjoyable introduction to the world of DJ’ing using DJ Multi Players and Mixers from the world’s leading DJ Brands. This Course covers a list of mixing topics and titles starting with an introduction to the DJ Business and Technology, going through music playlist management and gear setup, to a deep explanation of mixing concepts and beat-matching techniques! Upon completion of the essential module, you will be able to mix two or more tracks seamlessly.

  • DJ Business & Technology
  • Gear Overview and Set-Up
  • The DJ Concept
  • The 5 Matching Rules
  • Rhythm and Groove
  • Counting Measures
  • Rekordbox
  • Playlist Management
  • The 4 Flows
  • Energy Control
  • Counting Measures
  • Essential Mixing Concepts
  • Applying Slip Cue
  • Classic Beat Matching
  • Essential Mixing Techniques
  • Song Structure
  • Phraze Matching
  • Harmonic Mixing Overview
  • Basic Effects and Isolators
  • … and more

195 $
// WAS 395 $ //
300 $
// WAS 485 $ //


The DJ Essential Course covers all the intermediate topics that are listed in the course syllabus. There are 2 options for this course:

    The shared class hosts 4 students covering 10 hours to complete the full curriculum of the intermediate module over a period of 5 weeks. In case the class hosts 3 students only, the course fee becomes $215.
    The private course hosts only 1 student and it covers 8 hours to complete the intermediate module over a period of 5 weeks. A Semi-Private course (hosting 2 students only) could be an option for you at $275 instead of $300.

The courses are priced in USD for international students.

If you are a local student, you can pay in LBP based on the daily rates. Please note that we have already discounted our original course prices by more than 50% due to the economic situation that we are all facing

As for the payment methods, we accept cash, international transfers, online payments, and bank swifts (additional charges apply on all electronic payments)

DJ Courses are short and can be competed within an average of 4 weeks. The payment should be fully paid anytime before the first session, however in order to book a seat, a non refundable down-payment should be settled.

Knowledge, Talent, Skill, Practice, Passion and Patience are the main ingredients of success. At Per-vurt, not only we make sure that you get the most professional tutoring, but we make sure that we will be proud being represented by you in the dance music industry.

The DJ Essential Course is considered to be one of the two modules of our Advanced DJ Course. This essential course covers the intermediate topics that are listed on the course syllabus. Along with enough practicing, it guarantees that you can perform at any event.

Upon completion of this essential course, and if you would like to reach a more advanced level, then you can apply for the second module in private which covers more advanced techniques, deeper cognitive understanding, vaster and wider tips & tricks, and has a more practical approach. You can discuss this post-course with your tutor upon completion of the essential module.

On Average, we launch more than one DJ Class every four weeks. To book a seat in our next class, you need to apply for your DJ Course and book your seat by submitting your payment (Non-refundable). Once done, we will ensure that you start the course within a maximum period of four weeks. In the application form, you mention your free schedule and we will add you to the class that fits your timing.

Usually the DJ Classes happen twice a week covering around two hours each visit on a fixed schedule. In case of private tutoring, the schedule is more flexible and can be discussed closely with the tutor after submitting and confirming an application.

We are specialized in Electronic Music however we do not teach you what to mix, we teach you how to do so. When you learn the art, technique, and science of DJ’ing, you will be able to mix any style of choice, whether it is Pop, Dance, R&B, Techno, House, or even Dubstep, Chillout, Psychedelic and D&B..

Applying to this course grants you 3 vouchers:

Our DJ School is fully equipped with the latest DJ gear. It is not a must to have your own gear however, because it is very important to practice. we recommend that you buy a basic DJ setup to practice at home. If you cannot afford a setup at the moment, we recommend that you get the DJ Room Rental Bundle for which you receive a 33% discount

At Per-vurt School, our aim is to always support education and grant our students the best we can to ensure they get an excellent learning experience even when their financial resources are limited. We believe that it is our responsibility to contribute in making education less of a privilege and more of a human right.

For that, we have come up with another financial aid that would extend your course payments over a longer period of time while you enjoy taking the course stress free. The plan is to grant you double the time it takes to finish your course payments with 0% interest. For example, if the course duration is 2 months, you can have 4 payment installments. This has to be secured by a banker’s check that will remain in the safe box until the full payment is completed, and by then it can be returned to the issuer.

For more information about our financial aid and how to apply for it please contact us here →

Although we do not believe in major benefits behind receiving a certificate in DJ’ing or in Music Production, and because those two domains are not considered to be academic, we do grant certificates to the students taking the “DJ Master Certificate“. Students taking Essential or Private Courses are granted a letter of completion.

It is true that hanging a certificate on the wall looks nice, but what really makes you qualified is your mixing skills and the ability to control the dancefloor.

Can’t find your answers here? No problem! You can contact us by phone or email. Visit our contact page





” Hassan Awada truly makes you understand the music and guide you to discover your own self. The passion and love he puts in his class merely reflects the person he is. Because of his expertise and lessons, i was able to demonstrate myself, and now playing in recognized venues such as Dublin Room and Garten’s Back Room “

”  Per-vurt is my home. It is where I grew up as an artist and I have G-Mohris to thank for
that. Not only is it the only place for DJs and producers in Beirut that will sell you quality new gear and controllers but also a school that will help make sure you learn the best DJ & production tips and tricks out there..The newly renovated studio looks very promising “


” Hassan Awada is a masterful teacher. He has the ability to understand where I am in my learning curve and adjust his sessions to my skill level. He is a very patient teacher, explains things in a really clear and simple way, gives encouragement and is always willing to go above and beyond in helping to learn “

” G-Mohris is always ready to answer any question, no matter how big or small. Thank you Per-vurt for constantly educating and supporting Lebanese talent”


” The one-on-one course with Hassan Awada helped us a lot to enhance our DJ skills. He taught us useful information. It was definitely a good push in the beginning of our career and a good way to obtain new knowledge in mixing “

I honestly cannot find the perfect words to describe my journey at Per-vurt, one of a kind place, one of a kind teacher G-Mohris. I had the chance to learn from the best. I can only describe this place as perfection. The most positive environment professionalism, and most importantly for me it was a sweet magical escape that ended up changing my whole world


” I came across Hassan 4 months after starting to DJ by myself. At that time, I was nowhere close to feeling confident of stepping out of my bedroom. I am more than proud to say, that I have been guided and mentored by an exceptional instructor that understood my strength, weaknesses and most importantly my musical taste; He also gave me the opportunity to play in a club “

”  I was here more than 10 years ago, Per-vurt has always managed to keep it consistent.. Its the best pro audio/school in Lebanon, the pioneer of the industry, and i haven’t seen anyone that’s doing this on such level, i encourage everyone to come here and check it out, it all starts here “


” I’ve spent the last year looking for a mentor to teach me the basics of DJ’ing. Lucky enough I met with Hassan who not only taught me how to DJ, but also how the dj industry works and so much more!  “

”  G-Mohris makes music learning more about it very accessible for whoever seeks it. My time at Per-vurt was a blast and very fruitful. After finishing my courses i always keep coming back for more as he’s been a great support and motivation and always there to help and advise. I recommend this school to anyone who would like to be more involved with electronic music


” Thank you Hassan Awada for the great opportunity that you gave me. It was a great experience joining  Per-vurt, following a journey. The course was so amazing I never faced any obstacles. He brought excitement during each session which drove me so madly excited waiting the next session. I learned Alot !! “

”  This course has equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to start DJ’ing. This has to do with G-Mohris being a super professional, you can see how much of a connoisseur he is in the DJ and Music Production field. he was always ready to answer my mixing questions and was happy to pass on to us his personal and smart tips and tricks to help us jump-start DJ’ing


” I took the DJ Course with G-Mohris and i didn’t know anything about beat-matching, few days later i started playing in clubs in Beirut like its a piece of cake. I think Per-vurt will always be the first place to go when you need to educate yourself. It’s definitely the #1 DJ/Production school in Lebanon and we are blessed to have Per-vurt and the great G-Mohris in here “