Korg Volca Kick Analog Drum Machine

Korg Volca Kick Analog Drum Machine

Analog Synthesizer Optimized for Kick Drum and Bass Sounds, with Extensive Onboard Control, Step Sequencing, Automation, Swing, Sync I/O, and MIDI In

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Earthshaking Analog Boom

Korg adds booming bass drops and pounding kick drums to its Volca range with the Volca Kick analog kick generator. Based around the resonant filter circuit from Korg’s MS-20 synthesizer, Volca Kick delivers powerful low end for big bass and powerful percussion. It’s a natural choice if you’re producing trap, drum ‘n’ bass, dub, hip hop, or other sub-heavy genres. And with control over envelope and tone, plus a built-in overdrive circuit, it’s got the flexibility to generate kicks and bass effects appropriate for any style of electronic music. Whether you’re performing live with an arsenal of synths, or sampling sounds within your DAW, the Korg Volca Kick delivers powerful analog kick and bass.!

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