Pioneer DM-50D Speakers

Pioneer DM-50D Powered Speakers

25W Powered Studio Monitor with 5″ Cone Woofer and 3/4″ Dome Tweeter


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Club-quality Sound for Your Studio Space

With their DM-50D 5-inch Active Monitor Speaker, Pioneer DJ injects club-bumping bass and pristine audio into any studio setting. This speaker builds on Pioneer DJ’s long legacy of fantastic products with a clear-sounding studio monitor complete with plenty of gut-punching bass. The combination of a Class D amp with 96kHz sampling DSP and a fiberglass cone delivers an authentic, uncolored sound that’s free from unwanted vibrations. Best of all, the DM-50D sports a switch that can flick from Production mode to DJ mode while the DSP settings automatically calibrate to ensure the best-quality audio in every setting. Add a pair of Pioneer DJ DM-50D 5-inch Active Monitor Speakers to your rig and give your studio setup a professional-level edge!

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