Behringer CAT Synthesizer

Behringer CAT Synthesizer

Eurorack-sized Semimodular Analog Synth with 2 VCOs,4 Mixable Waveshapes, Resonant Lowpass Filter, LFO, AR Transient Generator, Poly Chain Compatibility, MIDI In/Thru, and USB-MIDI


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This Cat Has Fangs!

Based on a cult synth classic that prowled onto the scene in the mid-1970s, the Behringer CAT duophonic analog synthesizer has a foreboding growl and a fierce bite owing to its dual-VCO design, four mixable waveforms, and gritty white noise generator. With a sleek interface befitting its name, the CAT takes a straightforward approach to synthesis with a few surprising twists to produce some seriously aggressive synth tones. The CAT’s two analog VCO’s can be independently controlled for laying down fat basslines under sinewy leads in real time or stacked in unison. The CAT lets you blend four variable oscillator shapes — sawtooth, triangle, modulated pulse, and sub-octave square — to produce uber-dense synth tones, which can be further manipulated from six different modulation sources, and a dedicated true-analog sine/squarewave LFO. A self-oscillating-resonant filter and transient generator sharpen the CAT’s fangs by allowing detailed control over its harmonic behavior and envelope generation.

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