Interview Anja Schneider Lebanon

A force is any interaction that will change not only the motion of an object, but also the motion of energy. Renowned as one of the hardest working figures, Anja Schneider is a tireless creative force, that has been putting the global dance music industry into motion. She is a DJ, producer, the boss behind her label Sous Music, and a radio broadcaster, what made her responsible for introducing a generation of Berliners to electronic music since 2000.

Interview Nakadia Lebanon

Not only she is one of the top global techno artists, but she is one special self made ambassador with an inspiring story. Get to know Nakadia up close and find out how she transformed herself from a “poor rural Thai-girl” to become one of the world’s leading female Techno artists. As a DJ, she toured the world playing hundred of gigs and sharing decks with the likes of Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, and Carl Co. As producer Nakadia is famous for her percussive grooves and powerful beats, with releases on Labels such as Carl Cox’s Intec, Filth on Acid, Set About or Codex.

Interview Fred Everything Lebanon

Having started his DJ career during the early 90’s, Fred Everything gained a great reputation in Canada and Europe after sharing the decks with many of the biggest icons in the electronic dance music industry and releasing on labels such as 20:20 vision. Towards the end of the 90s, a remix of Derrick Carter’s “Life Is Like A Circle”, as well as the release of Under the Sun gave Fred Everything more popularity as a remixer. Soon after that, Fred’s name populated a lot of DJ Charts and took the attention of more labels around the world, and he decided to launch his own label Lazy Days Music, where many of today’s global sound shapers find home.