Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer

Vocal Effects Processor with Harmonizing, Vocoding, Pitch Shifting, Hard Tuning, and More


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Great-sounding Vocal Effects

Solo electronic artists, DJs, and lead vocalists alike will find a zillion uses for the Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer. From subtle polishing to out-and-out mangling, this vocal effects processor makes crafting your own unique vocal sound a breeze — no menu diving necessary. And there are tons of great-sounding 24-bit/192kHz effects on hand, including harmonizing, vocoding, pitch shifting, hard tuning, and more. The VT-4 is surprisingly compact and supplies you with up to five hours of battery life, so you can take it anywhere. We’re shocked at how much quality Roland has packed into such a small unit. If you’re searching for top-notch vocal effects, look no further than the VT-4.

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