Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer

Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer

Boutique Series Drum Sound Module with 16-step/16-sub-step Sequencer, USB Output, LED Display, Built-in Speaker, and Compressor, Gain, Tune, and Pan for Selected Instruments

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TR-808 in a Boutique Series Module

Roland’s TR-08 reimagines the world’s most famous drum machine as a Boutique Series module. Fire it up, and you’ll experience the same sizzling hi-hats, snappy snare, clicky rimshot, and unmistakable cowbell as the original. And yes — the legendary bass drum is in there in all its booming glory. But the TR-08 is more than a simple retread of a vintage 808. It also adds modern touches to the classic formula, like a sequencer with 16 sub-steps per step, a track-selectable trigger out, an unobtrusive LED display, and USB-MIDI. The TR-08 is the perfect blend of obsessive attention to detail, respect for legacy, and modern performance.

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