Roland JU-06 Synthesizer

Roland JU-06 Synthesizer

4-voice Synthesizer Module and 24-bit/44.1kHz USB Audio Interface, with 1 Oscillator, 2 Filters, 1 LFO, 1 Envelope, 16-step Sequencer, and MIDI I/O

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The sound and control of a JUNO-106

The limited-edition JU-06 is an authentic recreation of the iconic JUNO-106 synthesizer. Sometimes described as one of the last great synths of the analog era, the JUNO-106 became a favorite thanks to its warm sounds and instant sound-shaping ability. The new 4-voice JU-06 module continues this approach, with 23 parameters controllable via the front panel and that classic JUNO sound – complete with the much-loved JUNO chorus effect. There are some new additions too, including a faster LFO and continuously variable hi-pass filter (HPF). You can even slide the JU-06 into the optional K-25m keyboard unit for a self-contained, go-anywhere synth experience..

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