Pioneer DJ XPRS 215S Subwoofer

Pioneer DJ XPRS 215S Subwoofer

Dual 15-inch subwoofer, bi-amp, active subwoofer well suited for mobile djs and clubs


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Control your bass

The XPRS Series active PA speakers are compact and portable, yet high powered. Forget complicated setups and tangled cables as this system offers straightforward, plug-and-play use. Pioneer Pro Audio sound engineering technology and the use of Powersoft amps ensures these mobile speakers are reliable and energy efficient, making them suitable for all music genres and environments. Enhance your lower frequencies with the quick and powerful bass response of the XPRS215S subwoofer. The sub’s built-in horn shape and dual 15-inch, high-grade ferrite LF drivers deliver rich, powerful low frequencies, while the Crossover and Phase switches allow you to control your DSP settings effortlessly.

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