Pioneer DJ DJS1000 DJ Sampler

Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 DJ Sampler

Standalone DJ Sampler with 16-step Sequencer, 16 Performance Pads, Touch Strip, Built-in Effects, and 7″ Color Touchscreen

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Sample, Sequence, and Remix on the Fly

Designed to integrate seamlessly into any DJ booth, the Pioneer DJS1000 sequencer and sampler opens up amazing new performance possibilities. Featuring live sampling, onboard effects, 16-track sequencing, 16 performance pads, and a 7″ color touchscreen display, the Pioneer DJS1000 is a comprehensive instrument on its own. And its creative potential really comes alive when you begin sampling audio in real time, remix it, and manipulate sounds on the fly. And with MIDI clock and Beat Sync for synchronizing with external devices, the Pioneer DJS1000 is ready to integrate with virtually any DJ rig…

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