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General Policy

  • The down-payment is non refundable under any circumstances
  • Students who have a 1 week overdue payment are not allowed to attend
  • Coming late is on the student’s expense
  • In case of national holidays or general strikes, sessions can be postponed

Private Course Policy

  • Students who miss a 2-hour session (or ask to postpone a class) under any circumstances without a 24-hour prior notice will lose 1 hour
  • The schedule is flexible however 6pm sessions are always booked for classes
  • The course completion deadline is 3 months after which any remaining sessions will no longer be valid

Shared Class Policy

  • Students are allowed with a maximum of 3 “Majority Cancellations” and tutors are allowed with the same. This means if the majority of the students agree to postpone a class, then it will be postponed. No class shall be postponed beyond the “Majority Cancellation” policy
  • Missing a class for personal reasons is on the student’s expense

General Policy

  • The course payment is non refundable under any circumstances
  • The payment shall be paid exclusively in USD
  • No session will be scheduled before a payment is submitted
  • In case of national holidays, sessions can be postponed
  • Students who suddenly miss a session (or ask to postpone a class) under any circumstances without a 24-hour prior notice will lose 1 hour
  • Attending late is on the student’s expense
  • A decent internet connection is required. Major internet disconnection that is not caused by our internet service will result in the loss of the session timeout, otherwise the lost time will be compensated

Private Online Course Policy

  • Screen recording is strictly prohibited
  • Only 1 person is allowed to join the course
  • The 6+ Hour course completion deadline is 2 months after which any remaining sessions will no longer be valid
  • The 12+ Hour course completion deadline is 4 months after which any remaining sessions will no longer be valid


Yes, we have launched our online school to give you the most flexible, customized, cozy, and specific online education. This course can be given online following the same price table. Enroll here and choose your course preference. For more information about our online school and how it operates, please visit our Online School page here →

Although the crash course already includes the essential foundation of music theory that unlocks keys, scales, notes, chords, and progressions, the full course covers the complete list of the syllabus and includes deeper aspects about music theory such as modes, counterpoints and advanced harmony theory.

This course is designed for computer musicians, it teaches all about music theory without going into the complications of conservatory sheet music. After finishing this course you will be able to compose complex chord progressions, melodies, basslines, and counterpoints using your favorite software.

This course is not oriented towards playing live however with the use of modern technology and with excessive practicing you can master keys and be able to perform and improvise live.

With the course you will get a 375$ payout coupon to buy the full version of Ableton Live Suite, and you will also receive a 50% discount voucher to buy Arturia V Collection Plugin Pack (worth 500$)

This course will cover music theory using the keyboard only since it is developed to teach the theory of keys and chords for composition purposes. We do not teach other instruments such as the guitar.

Absolutely. Any track has a melodic structure, even in techno, you can turn a chord into a complex arpeggiation. Music theory will give you enough science to be able to compose different elements of your track, and most importantly to tune your drums and know which notes and chords are within your key.

Upon completion of this course you will receive a letter of completion. Certificates are only granted to students who take the master certificate programs.

It would be easier to control your DAW via a MIDI Controller that helps you record your notes and automation in a much more accurate and intuitive way. The most important investment at this point is a MIDI Keyboard Controller, preferably one that has MIDI functionality to help you learn faster, such as the native Instrument Komplete Kontrol keyboards

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