Moog Subharmonicon Synthesizer

Moog Subharmonicon Synthesizer

60HP Semi-modular Polyrhythmic Analog Synthesizer Module with 2 VCOs, 4 Suboscillators, VCA, VCF, Sequencer, and 32-point Patchbay


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All-analog Marriage of Harmony and Rhythm

The newest addition to the Moog Mother Ecosystem, the Moog Subharmonicon semi-modular analog synthesizer and sequencer brings all the Moog analog flavor with a rhythm entirely its own. First released in a limited run of 120 units in 2018, the Subharmonicon became an instant cult classic for its unique take on subharmonic synthesis and polyrhythmic sequencing. With two VCOs, each with two suboscillators and a four-pole resonant filter, the Subharmonicon produces creamy all-analog tones with basement-dwelling lows and scorching high-end. Its truly innovative sequencing capabilities use a combination of two four-step sequencers (one per VCO section) and a polyrhythmic generator to create wild, erratic polyrhythms and evolving harmonic chordscapes. Use it as a standalone semi-modular synthesizer or insert it into your Eurorack system for infinite sonic exploration.

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