Moog Modular Patch Cables

Moog Modular Patch Cables

12″ Patch Cables with 1/8″ TS Connectors – 5-pack


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Perfect Modular Patch Cables

Need extra patch cables for your Mother-32 or other Eurorack synth? This Modular Patch Cable 5-pack from Moog is just what you need. These 12″ patch cables are perfect for creating connections in your modular synth or for patching modules from one Eurorack setup to another. Each cable in the Modular Patch Cable 5-pack is terminated with quality 1/8″ TS connectors and features a flexible yet durable housing. So, if you’re picking up a modular synthesizer, don’t forget your extra patch cables – grab a Moog Modular Patch Cable 5-pack..

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