Moog 4-Tier Rack Kit

Moog 4-Tier Rack Kit

4-tier Rack Kit for Moog Mother Ecosystem Synthesizer Modules


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Build A Tower of Moog Semi-modular Power

Moog’s Mother Ecosystem of semi-modular synthesizers, including the Mother-32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon, is a sonic playground for sound designers and electronic musicians. Now, with the Moog 4-tier rack kit, you can stack up to four Mother Ecosystem modules vertically to build an epic tower of Moog-powered synths. The durable and easy-to-assemble 4-tier rack looks great in your studio, and it’s tough enough to haul around to gigs. The 4-tier rack kit also accommodates Moog’s 60HP Eurorack cases for integrating standalone Eurorack modules into your Mother Ecosystem-based rig. For synthesists, Moog Mother Ecosystem synthesizers are like Pokémon — they gotta catch them all! Highlight your growing Mother Ecosystem synth collection with the 4-tier rack kit from Moog.