Magma DIGI DJ Backpack

Magma DIGI DJ Backpack

Specially designed to meet international carry-on restrictions, the DIGI DJ Backpack is the perfect companion for DJs and Artists

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DIGI DJ Backpack

The DIGI DJ-Backpack was designed to fit all your DJing essentials. Whether you travel with a laptop and control vinyl or a 2-channel DJ controller, the DIGI DJ-BACKPACK can handle it. It is also perfect for carrying a portable turntable such as Numark PT01 Scratch or Vestax Handytrax. The DIGI DJ-Backpack is based on the popular RIOT DJ-Backpack and features a camo-green exterior design with red interior. The “Tube-Pocket Accessory-Panel” is perfect for keeping your smaller gear like Bluetooth speakers, GoPro camera, cables, needle-case etc. organized and accessible.

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