Monitor Station/Headphone Amp with 24-bit/96kHz Conversion, 3-port USB Hub, and Software Suite

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3-in-1 Monitor Station, Headphone Amp, and USB Hub

If yo are an on-the-go music mixer or content creator, the M-Audio AIR|Hub is about as useful as they come. This one device combines a pro-grade monitoring station with an independent headphone amp and a USB hub for charging and interfacing devices. Audio is delivered to your ears or studio monitors in flawless 24-bit/96kHz quality, allowing you to make critical mix and mastering decisions at home or on the go. Meanwhile, and onboard USB hub keeps up to three of your devices — controllers, peripherals, or hard drives — connected to your workstation over a single rock-solid USB-C connection, with round-trip speeds as low as 2.59ms*. A software suite that includes Pro Tools | First DAW, 20 Avid effects plug-ins, the AIR Music Technology Xpand!2 virtual instrument, and 2GB of Touch Loops content equips you and the M-Audio AIR|Hub with all you need to start making great mixes straight out of the gate..

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