Behringer WASP Synthesizer

Behringer WASP Synthesizer

Eurorack-sized Digital/Analog Hybrid Monosynth Module with 2 Digital Oscillators, Lowpass/Highpass/Bandpass/Notch Analog Filter, LFO, Poly Chain Compatibility, MIDI In/Thru, and USB-MIDI


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Semi-modular Analog Goodness for Your Desktop or Eurorack

With the Behringer K-2 semi-modular synthesizer, you’ll tap into a classic analog synth design that’s ready to integrate with your other modular synth gear. The all-analog signal path includes fat-sounding oscillators (with four variable wave shapes), vibrant and aggressive analog filters, and snappy analog envelope generators. And even if you don’t have any other modular synth gear to connect it with, the K-2 is ready to play right out of the box — no complex patching required, just connect it to your controller or sequencer via MIDI or USB. With 36 dedicated knobs for hands-on control, and the option to Poly Chain up to 16 modules to create a monster polyphonic analog synth rig, the Behringer K-2 semi-modular synthesizer represents big creative potential.

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