ADAM Audio T7V Studio Monitor

Adam Audio T7V Studio Monitor

Active Vertical 2-way Nearfield Monitor with 50W 7″ Woofer and 20W U-ART Accelerated-ribbon Tweeter (Single)


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Professional ADAM Monitoring for the Budget-conscious Studio

Flagship of the T Series, ADAM Audio’s affordable line of professional 2-way active studio monitors, the Adam Audio T7V Studio Monitor features a 7″ polypropylene low-frequency driver that delivers bass extension down to an impressive 39Hz, while the company’s U-ART accelerated-ribbon tweeter provides pristine highs extended up to 25kHz – quite remarkable for a monitor in this price range. The tweeter’s broad, uniform dispersion pattern is assisted by a precision waveguide modeled on the High Frequency Propagation (HPS) waveguide used in ADAM’s premium S Series studio monitors, which provides an impressively wide sweet spot that liberates you from being constrained to a rigid listening position..

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