Mixing and Mastering Lebanon

Mixing and Mastering Audio are two independent yet related stages in audio production about which many people get confused and find difficulty understanding their differences. Both stages are important however one needs to understand them separately and have enough knowledge to get to know what they both add to the production process.

guide flat monitor speaer what is

Whether you are producing and mixing a project or simply recording your voice or instrument, a set of speakers are essentially required, however not any kind of speakers, but flat studio monitors. Why are they called flat? It is because they have a flat frequency response when it comes to the reproduction of the signal they are receiving from one end to vibrate accordingly on the other end. Speakers receive an analog signal coming from the analog domain such as a mixer or a microphone, and translate that signal and vibrate accordingly in the acoustic domain, the domain of air molecules. This act of translation affect your listening experience and therefore alter your decision in producing, mixing, and mastering music.

Types of Microphones Lebanon

Choosing the right microphone for your recording is very critical and can be confusing. A microphone is a transducer or translator of an acoustic signal, sound waves,  into an analog signal converting the vibration of air molecules into electrical energy, an audio signal. A good translator will definitely give you a good result. You don’t want your vocal or instrument to sound different, this is why it is very important to choose a microphone that can give you an excellent conversion. Depending on whether you are recording vocals, instruments, or ambiance, there are main 3 types of microphones to consider: Condenser, Dynamic, and Ribbon

Guide To Audio Cables Lebanon

Just after you buy your favorite synthesizer, drum machine, speakers, microphone, MIDI controller, or instrument, you realize that there is no use for them without cables to connect them and transfer signal from one to another. Cables are the veins of your studio setup for without them your gear would just sit there and decorate your studio. Not only they are necessary for routing your gear but they have a huge impact on the quality and the power of that signal they transmit. Cables come in different types and categories, from analog ones transmitting electrical signal to digital ones transferring binary data.