Allen & Heath Xone K2 MIDI Controller

Allen & Heath Xone K2 Universal DJ MIDI Controller

Compact DJ MIDI Controller with Over 50 Hands-on Controls and 4-channels of Analog Audio Output

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A DJ Controller with a Ton of Flexibility!

The small-format Allen & Heath Xone:K2 DJ MIDI controller puts a ton of knobs, buttons, and sliders at your fingertips, plus a handy 4-channel audio interface. An included case doubles as a stand, elevating the Xone:K2 to the height of a standard DJ mixer. It also includes Allen & Heath’s X:LINK protocol, which allows you to daisy chain the Xone:K2’s MIDI and power with other X:LINK-equipped gear via a single Cat 5e ethernet cable. If you want massive functionality out of a portable DJ MIDI controller, then the Allen & Heath Xone:K2 is an excellent choice for you..

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