Reloop Tape 2 Digital Recorder

Standalone WAV/MP3 Recorder with Onboard 6-hour Li-ion Battery, 1/8″ TRS Input/Output, and microSD Card Slot

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Standalone 6-hour DJ Recorder with Swappable Skins

Looking for a convenient way to record your DJ mixes without taxing your laptop? How about a fun way to archive and distribute mixes with friends? It’s all possible with the Reloop Tape 2 — the 6-hour portable WAV/MP3 recorder with onboard microSD slot. The Tape 2 design is as straightforward as it comes: simply plug your mixer or computer into the 1/8″ TRS input, press record, and mix away. Your set is recorded directly onto a microSD (up to 128GB; not included) as a high-quality 24/48 WAV or 320 kbps MP3, which you can then archive or play back via 1/8″ TRS out. A variable input level helps you reduce noise and distortion. And once the battery’s flat, a quick charge over USB is all it takes to prepare the Tape 2 for the next night. Best of all, the Reloop Tape 2 does it all without sucking precious USB ports and power from your performance laptop. And for a custom look, the three sets of sticker skins are included.

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