TC-Helicon MP-75 Dynamic Microphone

TC-Helicon MP-75 Dynamic Microphone with FX Control

Handheld Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Mic Control Button for Use with TC-Helicon Live Vocal Effects

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Exceptional Vocal Mic

The TC-Helicon MP75 Modern Performance Mic gives you outstanding 2-in-1 value. Not only is it a great-sounding feedback-resistant vocal microphone, but it’s also a high-tech hands-on controller for TC-Helicon’s live vocal effects units. The MP75 lets you instantly change presets on any of the VoiceTone and VoiceLive series effects units. It’s the perfect way to take charge of your sound, without feeling tethered to just one spot onstage. If you use TC vocal effects live, the MP75 is a must-have performance tool!

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