M-Audio AV42 Studio Monitors

M-Audio AV42 Studio Monitors

Powered 2-way Desktop Speakers with 4″ LF Driver, 1″ Silk-dome HF Driver, and Bass-reflux-ported MDF Cabinets – Pair

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Compact and Affordable Desktop Speakers!

Outfitted with 4″ low-frequency drivers and bass-reflux-ported MDF cabinets, M-Audio’s AV42 desktop speakers are an inexpensive way to improve your sound, whether you’re creating music or enjoying media. In addition to their OptImage IV tweeter wave guides, AV42s feature 1″ silk dome tweeters which are responsible for providing smooth top end are a nice touch. A substantial step up from laptop speakers, M-Audio’s AV42 desktop speakers look good, sound good, and work with a wide range of your gear..

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