iK Multimedia iRig Acoustic

iK Multimedia iRig Acoustic

Acoustic Guitar Interface for iOS/Android with TRRS Output, 1/8″ Stereo Monitor Output, and AmpliTube Acoustic App

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Record Your Acoustic Guitar Anywhere

IK Multimedia’s iRig Acoustic guitar interface is one of the easiest ways you’ll find to record your steel-string acoustic guitar, nylon-string guitar, ukulele, or other acoustic instrument. The iRig Acoustic gently clips onto your guitar’s soundhole with a rubberized clamp, while an MEMS microphone captures the vibrations of your guitar. Connect to your iOS or Android device with the built-in 1/8″ TRRS cable. There’s even a headphone output for monitoring your recordings. With the IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic interface in your guitar case’s accessory pocket, you’ll always be ready to record inspiration when it strikes..

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