Focal SM9 Studio Monitor

Focal SM9 Studio Monitor

3-/2-way Powered Studio Monitor with 1″ Pure Beryllium tweeter (100W), 6.5″ “W” Cone Midrange Driver (100W), 8″ W Cone Woofer (400W), and Onboard 4-band EQ with High-frequency Crossover Option – (each)


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A 3-way Monitor and a 2-way Monitor – in One

The genius behind the Focal SM9 active studio monitor may seem simple; in fact, it is simple, but pure genius nonetheless. Unlike ordinary studio monitors, Focal SM9s are switchable between 3-way and 2-way operating modes, making them invaluable to any discerning mix engineer. First, check out the SM9’s 3-way mode. In 3-way mode, you get the full-range benefit of the SM9’s 1″ pure Beryllium inverted-dome tweeter (capable of accurately producing between 1kHz-40kHz) working in concert with its 6.5″ Focal “W” cone midrange and 8″ Focal “W” cone low-frequency drivers. .

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