Behringer VC-340 Synthesizer

Behringer VC-340 Vocoder Synthesizer

Analog String/Voice Synthesizer with XLR Input for Vocoder Effects and Assignable Splits and Layering


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Analog String Machine/Vocoder

Soaring analog synth strings and rich synthesized choral effects, not to mention a killer vocoder via your favorite XLR mic, await you in the Behringer Vocoder VC340 synthesizer. The VC340 is Behringer’s take on a formidable vocoder and string machine of the late 1970s and ’80s — now an octave shorter for a desk-friendlier footprint and greater portability. Its assignable layered/split string and choir sounds with analog bucket-brigade chorus explode into Vangelis analog goodness and modern EDM fare. And by plugging in a standard dynamic mic, The VC340 rewards you with timeless Moroder/Daft Punkian vocoder effects and creative modulation over any analog signal. The VC340’s 37-key size plays easy and travels light. Wood side panels and hands-on controls give the Vocoder VC340 all the character of your favorite retrosynth.

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