Adam Audio A3X Studio Monitor

Adam Audio A3X Studio Monitor

Active Vertical 2-way Nearfield Monitor with 25W 4.5″ Woofer and 25W X-ART Folded-ribbon Tweeter (Single Unit)

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Precision ADAM Monitoring for Home and Pro Studios

The ADAM Audio A3X Studio Monitor is a popular nearfield monitor found in home and project studios worldwide. An active vertical 2-way design, the versatile A3X provides a balanced sound with transparent high-frequency reproduction, clear midrange, and superior transient response. The A3X’s large, front-baffle bass reflex ports are precisely matched with the bass/midrange driver, giving the speaker natural, well-controlled low-end dynamics. The woofer’s 25-watt PWM amplifier, in combination with the 25-watt Class AB tweeter amp, enables a pair of A3Xs to achieve a maximum SPL of 106dB at one meter. Engineered in Berlin to the strictest tolerances, ADAM’s AX series monitors feature cutting-edge technology, including the company’s renowned, handcrafted X-ART accelerated ribbon tweeter. With its compelling price/performance ratio and compact footprint, the A3X brings ADAM Audio’s world-class monitor performance to space-challenged home and project studios on a tight budget…

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