We have received your application and we are very glad that you will be joining us very soon. You might be wondering what is the next step after submitting your application form, well, in order to confirm your application and book a seat at our next class, a down-payment should be submitted, otherwise your application will remain pending. A copy of your application along with instructions on how to proceed has been sent to your email.

We will be contacting you very soon, meanwhile please read our school policy and have a look at some answers we gave to possible questions you might still have at this point, and register a user account on this website (click here) so we can proceed with your enrollment

General Policy

  • The down-payment is non refundable under any circumstances
  • Students who have a 1 week overdue payment are not allowed to attend
  • Coming late is on the student’s expense
  • In case of national holidays or general major strikes, sessions can be postponed

Private Course Policy

  • Students who miss a 2-hour session (or ask to postpone a class) under any circumstances without a 24-hour prior notice will lose 1 hour
  • The course completion deadline is 4 months after which any remaining sessions will no longer be valid

Shared Class Policy

  • Students taking the Music Production Master Course are allowed with a maximum of 3 “Majority Cancellations” and tutors are allowed with the same. This means if the majority of the students agree to postpone a class, then it will be postponed. No class shall be postponed beyond the “Majority Cancellation” policy
  • Missing a class for personal reasons is on the student’s expense

General Policy

  • The course payment is non refundable under any circumstances
  • No session will be scheduled before a payment is submitted
  • In case of national holidays, sessions can be postponed
  • Students who suddenly miss a session (or ask to postpone a class) under any circumstances without a 24-hour prior notice will lose 1 hour
  • Attending late is on the student’s expense
  • A decent internet connection is required
  • Headphones are required

Private Online Course Policy

  • Screen recording is strictly prohibited
  • Only 1 person is allowed to join the course
  • The 6+ Hour course completion deadline is 2 months after which any remaining sessions will no longer be valid
  • The 12+ Hour course completion deadline is 4 months after which any remaining sessions will no longer be valid


The courses are priced in USD for international students. If you are a local student, you can pay in Lebanese Pounds following our fair rates that are updated on a weekly basis. We surely do not fully charge you based on the secondary market or black market rate, we choose to be as fair as it should be. Please note that both the shared and private classes have different payment structures. To know more about the current rate and payment conditions for each course preference, please get in touch with the management on 03733156

As for the payment methods, we accept cash, checks, cards, local and international transfers, online payments, and bank swifts (bank charges apply on all electronic payments)

Private and Crash Courses are short and can be competed within an average of three weeks. The payment could be split into two halves: 50% of the amount should be paid upon registration and 50% should be paid half way through the course timeline.

We launch different classes regularly however we do not have specific dates, for that we have come up with a fair policy to ensure that you wont wait forever. Please find below the maximum waiting period after you confirm your registration and book a seat

  • Shared DJ Courses: 5 weeks
  • Private DJ Courses: 3 weeks
  • Private Customized Course: 3 weeks
  • Private Online Course: 3 weeks
  • Private Music Production Courses & Modules: 3 weeks
  • DJ Master Certificate: 10 weeks
  • Music Production Master Certificate: 16 weeks
  • Please note that the Artist Signature Courses (Vinyl DJ Course and the Back2Basics Course) require more time which we cannot specify and commit to

The days will be assigned prior to the course start. We will study your free schedule and add you to the class that fits your time.

We launch multiple courses within the maximum period of time mentioned after registration. Usually we take the common free time of the students and schedule a class accordingly. If your schedule does not fit in relation to the majority of the students, or is not stable, or does not fit with our working hours, then we would propose to give you the course in private or schedule you in another class. Both ways, we will surely come up with a solution that suits you.

Learning the art and science of DJ & Music Production requires no musical background. We have developed our courses in a way that takes you from zero to hero in no time. You only need to have a passion for what you want to learn about whether you want to take it to another level and start a career or simply learn it as a hobby.

Although we do not believe in major benefits behind receiving a certificate in DJ’ing or in Music Production, and because those two domains are not considered to be academic, we do grant certificates to the students taking the “Master Programs”.

It is true that hanging a certificate on the wall looks nice, but what really makes you qualified is your actual production or performance. Your track or DJ mix is your certificate at the end of the day, no label or promoter would ask you for a certificate to sign you or book you, however they will listen to your music.

Our DJ & Music Production School is equipped with the latest gear. We advise that the music production student has the basic home studio setup that includes an Audio Interface, a pair of Flat Studio Monitors, and a MIDI Controller. It is also very important to keep an eye on the Room Acoustics by installing Absorption Panels. As for the DJ student, we recommend either buying a compact DJ Controller to practice at home, or getting the 6H DJ Room Rental Bundle

We do offer special student discounts on products depending on the brand as we are resellers for 12 brands and exclusive dealers for 5 other, so we will be giving student discounts depending on the margin that we are allowed to give. As for software, you will get 50% on Ableton Suite and other DAW and Plugins, and sometimes you get some for free as part of your course. Please refer back to the course page to know more about the vouchers included.

It is also important to know that we have launched the Reward Points program, which converts your dollars spent at our shop and school into reward points which you can redeem for a variety of services or product discount vouchers. So you are a winner, all the time ! Read more about this program here →

We are specialized in Electronic Music however we do not teach you WHAT to produce or mix, we teach you HOW to do so. When you learn the art, technique, and science of DJ & Music Production, you will be able to produce or mix your favorite style. It is very important to be familiar with the genre of music that you like, however it is more important to be unique and figure out your own style

Each course is given by an expert and specialized tutor. Choosing a specific tutor is only possible in case you are applying for a private course and if the tutor is available or if he is within the scope of the course expertise. Please refer back to the course page to check which tutor is assigned to it. Note that the Artist Signature Courses are already assigned by the tutors themselves such as the Vinyl DJ Course with Ralph Nasr and the Back2basics Course with Jason Kaakoush …

Can’t find your answers here? No problem! You can contact us by phone or email. Visit our contact page