Genelec 8030 Studio Monitor

Genelec 8030 Studio Monitor

Powered Studio Monitor with 50W 5″ Woofer, 50W .75″ Metal Dome Tweeter, Directivity Control Waveguide, Minimum Diffraction Enclosure, and ISS Power Management (Single Unit)

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Genelec Quality in a Compact Monitor

Grab a set of Genelec 8030C active studio monitors and say goodbye to muddled, inaccurate sound and mixes that never seem to translate. Genelec upgraded their popular nearfield with more power, higher SPL capability, and lower energy consumption. When it comes to mixing music and producing professional audio, there’s no replacement for quality monitors. The 8030C delivers focused and precise sound with exceptional stereo imaging and directionality, as well as remarkably deep bass for its size. You’ll hear dimensional nuances in your mixes you never even realized were there! In addition, it features advanced technology like built-in Iso-Pod decoupling and ISS power management. Step up to a new level of monitoring accuracy with Genelec 8030C studio monitors.

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