Music Production & Sound Design Master Certificate Course at Per-vurt School Lebanon









The Music Production & Sound Design Master Program consists of 2 modules. “Module One” contains 4 courses covering 24 hours in a period of 2 months and “Module Two” contains 5 courses covering 32 hours in a period of 3 months. Both Modules can be taken together and therefore completing the “Master Certificate Program, however we have kept the option of  taking “Module One Only” open to students who would like to step in the world of music production in an affordable and fairly essential way, leaving the door open for a future decision to continue with the remaining courses and therefore complete the Master Program.

This course is part of our online school course catalog and can be given in private via Zoom. To learn more about the course fee, schedule, and other details, please scroll down to the “Top 10 Questions”, and for general information about our online school please visit our online school page →




Understanding the Physics of Sound, Acoustics, Digital Audio and MIDI, unlocks the door to Music Production, Sound Design, Recording, Mixing and Mastering. The science of Audio Engineering gives you the essential knowledge you need to start engaging in digital audio production, mastering, and performance.

  • What is Sound?
  • Audio Characteristics
  • Sound Properties
  • The 3 Domains
  • dB in The 3 Domains
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Room Acoustics
  • Sound Propagation
  • Monitor Calibration
  • Microphones & Cables
  • PCM & Digital Audio
  • Audio Conversion
  • What is MIDI?
  • MIDI Protocol and CC
  • MIDI Control
  • Daisy Chaining
  • MIDI Notes and Clips
  • MDI Clock & Sync
  • Basic Gear and Set-Up
  • All in One Summary




Ableton Live is by far the most interesting DAW used by major Electronic Music Producers around the world. This course takes you from understanding the software session platform, engine, preferences, and channels’ characteristics, to being able to conceive a track by layering, editing, and pre-arranging audio clips in performance mode.

Music Production & Sound Design Master Certificate Course at Per-vurt School Lebanon
  • Ableton Live Overview
  • The 4 Windows
  • Session Interface
  • Arrangement Section
  • The Mixer
  • Transport Controls
  • Main Preferences
  • Basic Shortcuts
  • Audio Samples
  • Global Quantization
  • Layering Audio Clips
  • Scenes and Slots
  • Live Performance
  • Audio Clip Editing
  • Creating Edits
  • Measurements
  • The Grid System
  • Sample Editing
  • Clip Automation
  • Warping Audio




Sampling is one of the most interesting techniques in audio production, it involves dealing with audio samples in different creative approaches. MIDI Drum Programming gives you complete control of layering drum elements and sequencing beats in evolving patterns that build up with anticipating edges.

Music Production & Sound Design Master Certificate Course at Per-vurt School Lebanon
  • What is Sampling
  • The MIDI Track
  • Drum Rack
  • Drum Programming
  • MIDI Note Preferences
  • Simpler Device
  • Creative Sampling
  • MIDI Drum Pad
  • MIDI Mapping
  • Recording MIDI
  • Multi Layering
  • Creative Production
  • Volume Velocity
  • Groove & Swing
  • Extracting Grooves
  • Drum Patterns
  • Basic 2D Mixing
  • Groove Considerations
  • Converting to MIDI
  • Edges & Tricks




This course starts with the foundations and essentials of modern recording covering topics such as setting up a home recording studio, understanding microphones and converters, acoustics, using Ableton for recording Audio and MIDI, post editing clips, effect processing and much more..

Music Production & Sound Design Master Certificate Course at Per-vurt School Lebanon
  • Old School Recording
  • The Modern Age
  • Acoustic Solution
  • Monitor Calibration
  • Recording Gear
  • Recording Set-up
  • Recording Philosophy
  • Input Gain & Leveling
  • Headphone Cues
  • Channel Configuration
  • Recording in Session
  • Recording in Arrangement
  • Editing Audio
  • Warping Audio
  • Advanced Warping
  • MIDI Recording Pt.2
  • Capture Function
  • Basic Arrangement
  • Basic Audio Effects
  • Arrangement Automation





Have you ever wondered how to play complex chord progressions, basslines, melodies, and produce a harmonic structure without learning complicated sheet music at the conservatory? This course provides a simplified music theory covering notes, scales, chords, progressions, counterpoints, and intervals, in minor and major scales.

Music Production & Sound Design Master Certificate Course at Per-vurt School Lebanon
  • The Music Foundation
  • Octave and Notes
  • Intervals
  • Frequency & Pitch
  • Note Transposition
  • Music Elements
  • Keys
  • Minor & Major Scales
  • Simple Formulas
  • Key Transposition
  • What is a Melody?
  • What is a Bassline?
  • Intro to Counterpoint
  • What is Harmony?
  • Melodic Structure
  • Chords (Min, Maj, Dim)
  • Chord Progression
  • Advanced Harmony
  • Chord Arpeggiation
  • Applying in Ableton




After conceiving and composing the main sketch of your track, it is the time to arrange the final layers on the timeline. This course tackles the science behind arrangement and track structure as well as the techniques of using effect devices and automation tools to link the sequenced layers together and create a flawless track ready for the mix-down. This course covers track deconstruction, reconstruction, and remix.. An enjoyable and challenging approach towards mastering arrangement.

Music Production & Sound Design Master Certificate Course at Per-vurt School Lebanon
  • What is Composition?
  • Redesigning Elements
  • Multi-Layering Techniques
  • Audio Effect Units
  • Audio Effect Racks
  • Pre-Arranging in Session
  • Arrangement Concept
  • Radio Track Structure
  • Extended Track Structure
  • DJ Formats
  • Track Macro Structure
  • Track Micro Structure
  • Build Ups and Transitions
  • Creative Use of FX
  • Advanced Automation
  • What is a Remix?
  • Remix Concepts
  • Track Deconstruction
  • Get Remixed
  • Exporting and Saving




Sound Design and Synthesis is one of the most interesting courses at our school for it covers the full creation of sound from the early stages of oscillation to the last stages of modulation. In this course you will be learning the foundation of synthesis using more than 5 techniques covering the basic building blocks of a synthesizer.

Sound Design and Synthesis Course at Per-vurt School
  • The Synthesizer World
  • Analog Vs Digital Synth
  • Poly Vs Monophonic
  • Types of Synthesis
  • Synthesizer Building Blocks
  • VCO: Wave Oscillation
  • VCF: Filter
  • VCA and Signal
  • LFO & Modulation
  • ADSR Envelopes
  • Subtractive Synthesis
  • Additive Synthesis
  • Wavetable Synthesis
  • Granual Synthesis
  • FM Synthesis
  • Self Oscillating Effects
  • Advanced Routing
  • Modular Synthesis
  • Analog Synth Demo
  • Working with Plugins




Mixing covers distributing the track layers onto a virtual 3D phantom image, by tweaking signal levels, frequency ranges, dynamics, and panoramic positions of the project content. Mastering on the other hand is working with the stereo mixdown that has been rendered. It covers quality control, enhancement, objective listening and correction.

Music Production & Sound Design Master Certificate Course at Per-vurt School Lebanon
  • What is Mixing?
  • What is Mastering?
  • Critical Listening
  • Room Acoustics
  • Monitor Calibration
  • The Art of Mixing
  • Gain Staging
  • Leveling & Metering
  • Sample Editing
  • Dynamic Processing
  • EQ and Filter
  • Audio Compression
  • 3D Mixing
  • Pre-Mastering
  • Grouping in BUS
  • Mono Vs Stereo Mix
  • Headroom Management
  • The Final Master
  • Exporting and Dithering
  • Mixing Considerations




In this course you will be learning about music business, law, copyright, contracts, distribution, management, marketing, income streams, and more. It is essential to understand how the industry operates, who are the key players, and what are the stages of releasing songs, playing gigs, and getting famous

Music Production & Sound Design Master Certificate Course at Per-vurt School Lebanon
  • Current Music Business
  • Domain Expectations
  • What is a Writer?
  • What is a Publisher?
  • What is a Record Label?
  • Reaching The End User
  • Record Deal and Contract
  • Song & Copyright
  • Distribution and Sales
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • What is a PRO?
  • Laws and Rules
  • The Four Streams
  • Music Licensing
  • Performance Rights
  • Mechanical Rights
  • Synchronization
  • Self Management?
  • 360 Deals
  • Shortcut to Fame

950 $
// WAS 1500 $ //
1500 $
// WAS 1950 $ //
350 $
// WAS 350 $ //


We offer 3 different price tables for the Music Production Program (Shared Class). Both the “Full Package” and the “Seat Only” cover all 9 courses given to complete the Master Certificate program covering both modules.
The “Module 1 Only” is an intermediate music production program covering the first module that includes 4 courses given in a period of 26 hours (2 to 2.5 months) after-which students may stop attending or decide to keep their seat and continue for Module 2, therefore finishing the “Full Package” of 58 hours.


  • 58 Hours, 2 Modules (9 Courses), 5 Months
  • Cost is 300$ down-payment and 5 advanced payments of $395 (each month)
  • 65GB of Sample Library Including Single Shots and Loops (worth $500)
  • Arturia V Collection 24 Plugin Pack (worth $500)
  • Ableton Live Suite 50% payout coupon (worth $375)
  • 30% Discount on Mixed In Key Studio Edition Plugin
  • 50% Discount on Reveal Sound Spire Plugin
  • 30% Discount on Lennar Digital Sylenth Plugin
  • 20% Discount on
  • 50% Discount on D16 Group Plugins
  • Course Slides and Handouts
  • Priority invitation to our Masterclass and Workshop events
  • Free Mastering for your final project
  • Up-to 20% Discount on Music Production Gear


  • 58 Hours, 2 Modules (9 Courses), 5 Months
  • Cost is 300$ down-payment and 5 advanced payments of $315 (each month)
  • 25% on Ableton Live Suite
  • Free Loopmasters Student Sample Pack (2GB)
  • Additional 8GB Sample Library (School Package)
  • Course Slides and Handouts
  • Up-to 20% Discount on Music Production Gear


  • 26 Hours, 1 Module (4 Courses), 2-2.5 Months
  • Cost is 300$ down-payment and 2 advanced payments starting of $350 (each month) for the “Seat Only”
  • 25% on Ableton Live Suite
  • Free Loopmasters Student Sample Pack (2GB)
  • Additional 8GB Sample Library (School Package)
  • Course Slides and Handouts
  • Up-to 20% Discount on Music Production Gear
  • Module 1 Full Package comes with a lot more plugins and libraries, at $525 per month
  • Courses covered in this module are: Introduction to Audio & Midi, Layering & Editing Audio Clips, Sampling & Drum Programming, Recording & Editing
  • Optional: After finishing Module 1, Module 2 (5 Courses) would go for an additional $830 ($277 x 3 months in case of an up-sell to “Seat Only”) or an additional $1250 ($417 x 3 months in case of an up-sell to “Full Package”)

Yes, you can take this course in private. Fees are the same, however the number of sessions, time of the course, schedule, and payment options are different than the shared class conditions. This course can also be given online following the same conditions stated below. please visit our online school page for general information about our online school →

The Master Certificate Program – when given in private or online – covers 38 hours instead of 58, on a period of 3 months instead of 5. As for the “Module 1 Only”, the number of hours becomes 18 instead of 26, given in a 2 months period.

A 300$ down-payment must be submitted first, and the remaining amount will be split as advanced monthly payments. So the monthly payment for the Master Certificate “Full Package” will be $658 or $525 for the “Seat Only”. As for the “Module 1 Only”, the monthly payment for the “Full Package” will be $525 or $350 for the “Seat only”

We launch a Music Production Master Program once every two months. The schedule covers 12 hours per month. It can be one of the following depending on the majority’s agreement:

  • 2 visits per week, each covering 2 hours from 6pm to 8pm, 3 weeks a month and one week off
  • 1 visit per week, each covering 3 hours from 6pm to 9pm, 4 times a months (weekly)

The days will be assigned prior to the course start.
The next Music Production Master Program starts within two months after you submit and confirm your application by a 300$ down-payment (Non-refundable and will be deducted from your total course fee). In case of Private Courses, the schedule is more flexible and can be discussed closely with the tutor based on your free schedule.

Learning the art and science of Music Production requires no musical background. We have developed our courses in a way that takes you from zero to hero in no time. You only need to have a passion for what you want to learn about whether you want to take it to another level and start a career or simply learn it as a hobby.

Knowledge, Talent, Skill, Practice, Passion and Patience are the main ingredients of success. At Per-vurt, not only we make sure that you get the most professional tutoring, but we make sure that we will be proud being represented by you in the dance music industry. For that, we have decided to not graduate the student without making sure that he/she is able to produce music.

Upon completion of the Master Program covering both modules, and with your effort to practice as much as required and needed, you will certainly be able to produce music in a professional way.
Taking the “Module One” only does not cover all the courses needed to complete a track professionally, however it gives you a fairly essential education about the early stages of electronic music production and recording

Although we do not believe in major benefits behind receiving a certificate in DJ’ing or in Music Production, and because those two domains are not considered to be academic, we do grant certificates to the students taking the “Master Programs”. The certificate is only given to students who complete the program and present a final project that goes on par with our standards.

It is true that hanging a certificate on the wall looks nice, but what really makes you qualified is your actual production. Your track is your certificate at the end of the day, no label would ask you for a certificate to sign you, however they will listen to your music.

Our Music Production School is equipped with the latest production gear. Each student has his own fully fledged station that includes the latest in MIDI and Audio Production technologies. We advise that the student has the basic home studio setup that includes an audio card, a pair of flat monitors, and a MIDI controller. It is also very important to keep an eye on the room acoustics by installing absorption panels.
We recommend that you discuss the home studio setup with your tutor, and he will make sure you get the best gear that fits you most , depending on your style, approach, and budget

We are specialized in Electronic Music however we do not teach you WHAT to produce, we teach you HOW to do so. When you learn the art, technique, and science of Music Production, you will be able to produce your favorite style. It is very important to be familiar with the genre of music that you like, however it is more important to be unique and figure out your own style

The minimum age to join this class is 15. When it comes to private tutoring, the minimum age can be below 15,  however the student must take an assessment session before admission

One of the advantages you learn at Per-vurt is that we are also a record label chain that is connected with the world’s top DJs and Producers. We also sequentially host events and give the chance to our top students to perform live and experience the stage. “Per-vurt Sessions” is another platform we provide to our students to be noticed on social media and push their career forward.

When you graduate form this course and after you submit your final project, we will work closely with you to have you sign on a respected label and launch yourself as an artist in the global dance music industry.

Can’t find your answers here? No problem! You can contact us by phone or email. Visit our contact page



” G-Mohris makes music and learning more about it very accessible to whoever seeks it. My time at Per-vurt was a blast and very fruitful. After finishing my course i always keep coming back for more as he’s been a great support and motivation and always here to help and advise. I recommend Per-vurt to anyone who would like to be more involved in electronic music “

” Just when I thought I knew something about music, Per-vurt came to shatter it all away, in a great way! Moe has been a friend before a mentor. The quality and equipment I’ve dealt with are unmatched. I genuinely believe my skills have exponentially improved because of him. He’s a muse for this craft, a master of this craft, and most importantly a true mate. SIGN UP NOW. “

” Per-vurt and G-Mohris are the best thing to ever happen to us music producers in the middle east because we never had any shops that actually sell synths and so on and help other people produce music. G. actually did a music production school which no one did in Lebanon before him, and i took a course there before i moved to UK. He has pushed a lot all the local talents to produce music so we are very thankful to what he did. “

” Per-vurt studio is by far the best lace in town when it comes to DJ & Music Production Lessons and studio equipment. It’s like a heaven for those who admire music and want to get involved. Personally i signed up for the production class. The sessions were exciting and crawling with a vast amount of useful information. Now i have produced and signed many tracks on respected labels”

” This place has the best experts in the city.”

” I took the music production course with G-Mohris and here i am now releasing my music worldwide on the biggest online stores such as Beatport and iTunes, and currently working with big record labels in the underground music industry. It’s definitely the #1 DJ/Production school in Lebanon if not the Middle East, and we are blessed to have Per-vurt and G-Mohris here..”

” Per-vurt has exceeded my expectations as both a professional DJ and a student. The courses are taught by the very insightful G-Mohris who provides students with everything they need to become not only familiar, but proficient in the beautiful language of electronic music “

” Per-vurt is an amazing place for those who are willing to go in the music craft and learn music production! If ur willing to go all in and learn from the best, G-Mohris is ur guy “

” To learn music u should learn it with responsibility and to find a good tutor and mentor who respects his tutoring journey is even harder… Per-vurt studios offers you a great deal of learning the art of music production with the passionate G-Mohris, consisting of a great syllabus that spotlight all the essential knowledge needed to accomplish the course on a very high theoretical and practical level … (interesting student offers comes with in the package) “

” Amazing. Proud and happy to be a music production student here and very satisfied with my teacher G-Mohris who makes every session as interesting and informative as possible #proudperv “

” G-Mohris holds his students to a very high standard that does nothing short of setting them up for success in the music world. I was honored by the way he shared his wisdom, his technical expertise, and his industry experience – to create a class that was both enlightening and skills-oriented. Sharing and learning from a legendary producer is priceless and incredible.”

” G-Mohris has been in the music industry for more than I can remember and managed to propel this craft through all the circumstances. I attended his music production course with a very basic knowledge in music theory and he managed to transmit his knowledge in a clever, easy to follow manner without over-intellectualizing the information. Modest, unselfish and experienced would best describe this man. “

” G-Mohris is a great teacher… His knowledge in electronic music and Ableton is one of the best in Lebanon and has great teaching skills for which he is passionate about, i improved greatly after both the Dj’ing course and the production course… Hopefully more collaborations to come. Per-vurt is the reference for electronic dance music in Lebanon”

” I came to Per-vurt looking to learn more about music production and they were amazing. They taught me everything i need to know to succeed in this business. Their team is so organized and work together. They are very helpful anytime i had any questions or needed further assistance. It was an amazing experience”