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The Digital DJ course is your first step into the world of digital performance where you move from classic DJ’ing to live performance using today’s advanced software and hardware technology. Why Traktor? Simply because Native Instruments is the world’s leading digital DJ and performance brand delivering to the market the most developed technology in the digital domain. In this course you will also get familiar with MIDI controllers and the concept behind controllerism and advanced stem mixing, loop mixing, and remixing on the fly

This course is part of our online school course catalog and can be given in private via Zoom. To learn more about the course fee, schedule, and other details, please scroll down to the “Top 10 Questions”, and for general information about our online school please visit our online school page →

  • The Digital Technology
  • Electronic Music Styles
  • MIDI Controllers
  • Music Elements
  • Song Structure
  • Everything Audio
  • Intro To Traktor Pro
  • Traktor Pro Interface
  • Fixed Grid System
  • Advanced MIDI
  • Mixing Concept & Theory
  • Phraze Counting
  • Hot Cues
  • Applying Slip Cue
  • Monitoring Techniques
  • Advanced Mixing Skills
  • 4 Deck Mixing
  • Harmonic Mixing
  • Effects and Loops
  • STEM Mixing

195 $
// WAS 295 $ //
375 $
// WAS 480 $ //


Yes, we have launched our online school to give you the most flexible, customized, cozy, and specific online education. This course can be given online following the same price table. Enroll here and choose your course preference. For more information about our online school and how it operates, please visit our Online School page here →

There are many ways of DJ’ing: using club standard CDJs, using vinyl players, using Ableton Live, and finally using a DJ software and a MIDI controller. This course is about using a DJ software (Traktor Pro) and a MIDI controller.
The private course is a full DJ course covering the essentials of DJ’ing and applying the science and techniques using Traktor Pro. This is a good option for people who would like to learn everything about DJ’ing using the digital technology only.

This course can also be given to people who already know how to DJ using the club standard CDJs, and would like to get into the world of digital performance, in this case, we offer an extension to what they already know, a crash course to cover the software and hardware education and the digital performance techniques

It is very important to understand at this point that this course is a Digital DJ course and not a Club Standard Course. To be able to play at a club or an event, you need to be familiar with the club standard players and not only with digital dj’ing using a software. If you are looking to start a career and not only pursue a hobby then we recommend that you either sign up for the Essential DJ Course or for the DJ Master Certificate Program (in which you will also learn about digital performance)

Many of the world’s top DJs such as Carl Cox, Nicole Mudabber, Richie Hawtin .. are into digital dj’ing and use Traktor on stage, however, they did so after excelling the techniques of dj’ing using club standard players.

This course is interesting for people who:

  • Want to learn about software dj’ing only and are not interested in playing at clubs
  • Want to pursue a career in dj’ing and don’t mind using their MIDI Controller on stage
  • Are already club djs and want to expand their skills and get into the digital live performance
  • Want to dj using a hybrid setup (combining many techniques together)
  • Want to gift a course to their beloved ones

A MIDI Controller is a hardware that is designed to look like a dj setup with 2 decks or more, and a mixer. The MIDI controller controls a dj software that is installed on a computer and which does all the mixing functionalities and generates audio via the built in soundcard. The controller alone does not process the audio files and therefore does not take any USB sticks. It only sends your commands to the dj software and orders it to do everything related to track browsing, loading, cue’ing, mixing, looping, beatmatching, using effects and so on ..

Can the controller do what the club standard machines do? Well, it can do much more ! Learn more about MIDI Controllers in this blog post

This course is given in private. To book a session or full private course you need to apply and confirm your application by submitting a down-payment of 125$ (Non-refundable and will be deducted from the course fee). Once done, we will ensure that you start the course within a maximum period of 2 weeks. The schedule is flexible and can be discussed closely with the tutor after submitting and confirming an application.

DJ Courses are short and can be competed within an average of 3 weeks. The payment is split into a down-payment of 125$ upon registration, half of the remaining upon start, and the other half towards the middle of the course. In the case of a Private For DJs crash course, the amount should be paid fully in advance

We are specialized in Electronic Music however we do not teach you what to mix, we teach you how to do so. When you learn the art, technique, and science of DJ’ing, you will be able to mix any style of choice, whether it is Pop, Dance, R&B, Techno, House, or even Dubstep, Chillout, Psychedelic and D&B..

Applying to this course grants you 3 vouchers:

Our DJ School is fully equipped with the latest DJ gear. It is not a must to have your own gear however, because it is very important to practice. we recommend that you buy a basic DJ setup to practice at home. If you cannot afford a setup at the moment, we recommend that you get the DJ Room Rental Bundle for which you receive a 33% discount

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” I was always into DJing, but it was thanks to G-Mohris and the courses that I took at Per-vurt that I have really learned its basics. He made the classes easy, fun and interesting which has motivated me and encouraged me to come back and want to do more courses at the school “
Traktor Digital DJ Course Per-vurt School Beirut Lebanon
” I started my DJing career few years ago when i met G-Mohris and enrolled in the Traktor digital DJ course at Per-vurt DJ school. It was his drive and passion to teach that made this course such a solid start to my career. Learning thru this course the essentials of DJing and the Traktor’s fundamentals is now the basis of all my music skills. “