Ableton Live Velocity Guide Tutorial Lebanon

Velocity can alter incoming MIDI note velocity values (1-127) in either a controlled or random manner. It can function on MIDI Note On (Velocity) or Note Off (Rel. Vel.) messages, or both, depending on the setting of the Operation chooser.

Interview With Bedouin Per-vurt School

Not only was i excited for their performance but i was glad to offer my studio to the Brooklyn-based duo artist Bedouin during their visit to Beirut just before their gig at the Gärten by Uberhaus. In a non-stop 7 hours of studio time, i have witnessed a magical music production and sound design aspect, and the approach behind their releases on respected labels, the likes of All Day I Dream, trueColors, Get Physical Music, Stil Vor Talent, to name few. I have had the chance to chat with Tamer and ask him about his sound, Beirut, and all that electronic music.

What Is An Audio Interface Lebanon

What is an Audio Interface, or Soundcard? A question i always get asked by customers and students who are stepping into the real of digital music production, recording, performance, or DJ. An interface is a bridge between the analog domain and the digital one. The world of computers and the world of electricity. It is a translator of languages, a converter of signals.

Baunder started producing and playing in the mid 90’s as a hobby that quickly turned into passion, and in 2006, along with his partner Oliverio, he formed the duo project “Soundexile” which took the attention of Hernan Cattaneo with whom they started producing music. I have had the chance to interview Baunder and ask him about his career, his tips and tricks for the DJs and Producers who are exploring their path in the electronic music domain.